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The Retirement Remix:
A Modern Solution to an Old School Problem

Now is the time to eliminate the dividing line between working and retirement and put control of your future back into your own hands. After nearly two decades in the finance business, Chip Munn found himself on a journey to not only save more for retirement, but to also live a happier, healthier life in the process. As he researched, he found lists of the happiest and healthiest countries in the world - and noticed that four countries made it onto every list. Assuming they must be doing something right, he set out to study their routines and habits. In these countries, his research showed, workers take off an extra 220 hours a year compared to the average worker in the United States. They focus on having strong social ties. The more he shared and discussed his research, Chip felt confident that the idea of Old School Retirement was broken and eventually developed a method to applying these better practices to help himself (and his clients) live happier, healthier lives too. The Retirement Remix was born. 

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Leap Before You Look:
An Accidental Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building and Scaling a Financial Advisory Business

It's harder than ever to become a financial advisor. Training budgets have been slashed, and established advisors have their hands full managing businesses that they never really meant to run. Most advisors (1) don't get to spend enough time doing things that actually make them money, (2) were never meant to be an entrepreneur, (3) spend their lives planning for their client's retirement but no time planning for their own. This book is written to share practical tips with new and prospective advisors, provide established advisors with business growth and operational solutions, and outline strategies for breaking free into a new, better future - whether that's starting a new firm or preparing for your professional legacy.Chip Munn has spent the last twenty years breaking in as a financial advisor and breaking free to build his ideal practice. This book was written as a jump start for you to do the same.

The Retirement Remix

Real conversations with real people about how we actually retire. A fresh, flexible approach to retirement planning and goal setting. Get your regular dose of retirement inspiration from people just like you.

Maximum Advisor

For growth-minded financial advisors looking for a better way. We dissect the good, the bad, and the ugly of building and running a thriving practice.

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Why “old school retirement” is broken. Why there’s no one way to do retirement and how to design a retirement unique to only your situation. The two biggest concerns for people considering retirement right now. The “million-dollar” question: with the recent, rapid decline in the stock market, will I still be able to retire? How to change the way we look at work so we can live better, happier lives NOW.